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Byosen Reikan-ho

Byosen Reikan-ho
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Byosen Reikan-ho: The method for sensing imbalances with your hands.

The true Byosen Reikan-ho method, as Dr. Usui learned and taught it, does not exist in our modern era. The method we learn, teach and perform now is far from the original, but it can still be performed. The original method has been lost in part due to the creation of the many modern forms of reiki, and also because individual healers tend to add their own techniques of scanning into Byosen Reikan-ho. Below is a fair description of modern day scanning (as close to the original technique as possible), and it's also a shorter, more direct way of performing a scan. Byosen is not a diagnostic technique per se, rather is a method of locating and treating the source of illness.

The words Byosen Reikan describes the energy of a disease. It can be detected with your hands, will vary depending on the severity and condition of the disease and from person to person. Byosen Reikan literally means energy sensation of sickness (imbalance/disease). "Byo" means disease, sickness; and "Sen" means before, ahead, previous, future, precedence, "Rei" means energy, soul, spirit; and "kan" means emotion, feeling, sensation. This is an original technique from Usui, which can be done on yourself or others.

When detecting a Byosen you will feel sensations such as tingling, tickling, pulsating, or piercing, biting, pain, numbness, heat, cold and so forth; these sensations are called 'Hibiki' (or resonance). Your arms may ache clear up to your shoulders in extreme cases. Whenever disease is present there will be a Byosen, even when the client is unaware of a physical condition. If you sense a Byosen in someone's body and work on it until it disappears, the related disease (or potential disease) will either completely heal or never manifest on the physical level.

It's important to note that the Byosen may show up in a place, which is obvious (like over or near the diseased part), or somewhere that seems completely unrelated. Here are a few examples of Byosen which show up in unrelated places: stomach disease often shows up in the forehead, roundworm under the nose, liver problems in the eyes and so on.

The ability to sense a Byosen will vary greatly from person to person. Some students will readily detect it and others will take time to develop this ability. Anyone can develop the ability to detect Byosen in time, by doing Reiho daily hands-on treatments on themselves and others. Once you can sense a Byosen do the following technique:

The technique:

1. Sit or stand comfortably next to the recipient.

2. Calm the mind and say silently, "I begin Byosen Reikan-Ho now," (or just say "I begin scanning now.") and rub your hands to start the process.

3. Place your hands on or slightly above the body, move them around and notice. What you are looking for are areas where you feel something different from the overall general sensation (i.e. heat, cold, tingling, an absence of sensation, etc.).

4. When you sense a Hibiki, hold your hands over that area. The Hibiki will increase and then decrease; this is one cycle, which will repeat as long as your hands are on the body. The longer you hold your hands over a spot the more cycles you will feel; with each cycle, the peak of the Hibiki diminishes slightly. Keep your hands over the Hibiki for a minimum of one cycle.

5. Move your hands to the next Byosen and repeat step 4.

6. When you have completed the entire scanning, close by sweeping the recipient's body with your hands and flick off the energy from your hands. Then rub your hands and say, "Byosen off" or "scanning off."


Some Hibiki and What They May Commonly Mean:

(Important: the intensity of the stimulus perceived can often reflect the severity/depth of the problem)

Attraction generally signifies a need for treatment at the area of pull.

Repulsion indicates a probable long-standing blockage or inhibition of energy flow - something which may take a considerable amount of treatment to alleviate. It can also indicate (after you've been treating an area) that you're done with healing there. The area has been saturated with energy and is "removing" or pushing your hand away. To continue working on an area after that may just cause the recipient pain or discomfort.

Pain often indicates an excess or buildup of energy in the given area (due to a blockage, excess or saturation of energy, etc). Sharp pain is sometimes considered to be a sign that the 'pressure' in the given area is causing a negative effect elsewhere in the system.

Tingling frequently signifies an area of inflammation.

Heat sensations in the therapist's hands are indicative of Reiki being 'drawn' by the client.

Coldness signifies a lack of energy in the area (or at least a suppression of energy) - due to blockage, etc.

Flux/Flow indicates a positive, balanced state - which will nonetheless still benefit from receiving treatment.

Have a Blessed Day!