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Project World Heal

Byosen Reikan-ho
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Heal the world with Reiki, one person at a time!

Do you have a heart for healing those in the world who are suffering? Would you like to further train in distance reiki by sending healing to the ill? Then, this is the place for you!

Help by healing the world one person at a time. Send me your full name, email address, city, state and country to be on the world healing list. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO COMMIT 8 TO 10 MINUTES OF DISTANCE HEALING AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!


Do you need healing? Please send me your full name, city, state and country and your healing need (must be a physical, emotional or mental ailment). I will list you on this page. Please email me with any updates on your condition so I can list them (if you'd like). They can be a source of encouragement for the healers!


Please click here to enter your name as a healer or as a person needing to be healed:

Thanks for your loving heart!